Daily Meditation


Daily Meditation – The state of allowing

If you make your relationship with your Inner Being your top priority, and you deliberately choose thoughts that allow your alignment, you will consistently offer the greatest advantage to the others with whom you interact. Only when you are aligned with your Source do you have anything to offer another.

If your behavior is influenced by your desire to keep another person happy, you will lose your Connection to your Source. And it is not possible for you to be happy unless you are in alignment with your Source. Without that alignment, you have nothing to offer another.

Our daily meditation process will help you to consistently release resistance and to come into alignment with the power and clarity and love that is really who-you-are—and then anyone who you hold as your object of attention will benefit.

Rather than attempting the impossible task of trying to behave in ways that please others, show them the ease of finding your consistent alignment. You will always find happiness inside your Vortex. And the happiness that they are seeking is inside their Vortex.

Here is the process of meditation that if we were in your physical places we would utilize: Every day for 10 or 15 minutes, and not for much more than that, we would sit quietly by ourselves somewhere with our eyes closed. Maybe under a tree, maybe in our car, maybe in the bathroom, someplace where we would not be disturbed.

We would do our best to shut down our physical senses. In other words, we would draw the curtains if it is bright. We would close our eyes. We would put ourselves in a place where there is not much sound.

And we would focus inward on our breathing. We would be consciously aware of air in, and we would be consciously aware of air out. We would concentrate on long breaths in, and we would concentrate on long breaths out. We would breathe air in, and when we thought it was all our lungs would hold, we would bring still more in. And when we think it is still all our lungs could hold we would breathe more air in. And then, at a place of full expansion of lungs, we would take a long, slow, delicious time to let the air out. And our intention would be nothing more than being in this moment, and being consciously aware of breathing. We would let it be our fullest responsibility.

Now, during this process, within 2 or 3 days of doing it, you’re going to begin to feel a detachment from your physical experience. A very common thing that you will feel is a sort of numbing sensation; some describe that they cannot tell their toe from their nose.

There is no right or wrong in this process of meditation. There is nothing that you should be reaching for. This is a state of allowing. This is a state where, for just a few moments, you stop running the show. You stop trying to make anything happen. This is your time of allowing. This is your time when you are saying unto your maker, unto your Source Energy, unto your Inner Being, unto your God… whatever you’re wanting to call it, this is your time of saying, “Here I am, in a state of allowing.” And what am I allowing? I’m allowing Source Energy to flow purely through me.

15 minutes a day of that effort will change your life. Because it will put you in the state of allowing the Energy that is natural to you to flow. You’ll feel better in the moment. You’ll feel more energized when you come out of it.

You may spend 14 minutes before you achieve any state of detachment. You might not ever be consciously aware that you’ve achieved any state of detachment. It doesn’t matter, you are making enormous progress as you allow yourself to be.

A big benefit that you’ll notice, right away, is that things that you’ve been wanting will begin showing up. “Now, why is this? Abraham, I didn’t sit and set goals or clarify what I want. How come 15 minutes of just being will set those kinds of things in motion?” Because it has always been, ask and it is given. It has never been “ask and do something right and it is given”. It has never been “ask and get worthy”. It is ask and allow. Ask and allow.

And so, every day, you’ve been asking. You’ve been launching all kinds of intentions. You cannot live in your physical body, you cannot be part of this physical environment without endless desires being born within you. And as these desires are being born within you, the Universe is answering them. And now, because of your 15 minutes of allowing, whether you were petting the cat, or practicing your breathing, whether you were listening to a waterfall or listening to happy music, or whether you were on a rampage of appreciation… what happened, for that time of allowing, is, you set up within your vibrational auric field a vibration that, for the time, was not in the state of resisting the things that you’ve been asking for. And progress is made in that time.


There is nothing about your physical awareness that connects you more to the Non-Physical aspect of your Being than that of your breathing. That’s why many meditation techniques use breathing, like for example Vipasana.

Many assume that the process of breathing is only about your physical nature, but that is not the case. The process of breathing is much more than an essential function of your physical body. Indeed, it is the flowing of Spirit to you, and through you. That is the reason that when the focusing of Spirit through your physical body ceases, your breathing ceases, also.

Our meditation experience will induce a convergence of beneficial aspects for you, for as you relax into the natural rhythm of perfect breathing while hearing these spoken words, the Vibration of your physical being will gently surrender to the Vibrational frequency of your Source, and you will become one with your Source, inside the Vortex.

Through the hearing of our words in your relaxed state of allowing, you will allow the gentle tuning of your Vibrational frequency to match the frequency of your Source.

This will not be an exercise of effort or trying, but instead an exercise of releasing and allowing…gently allowing yourself to be who-you-really-are.